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Ayurvedic measuring Units

Ayurvedic and Ancient units of measurement Measurement is an important part of our daily life. We can not imagine life without mensuration . There are some defined measuring units to accomplish measuring things like weight, length, time etc. In ancient time some units are defined that are also used in  ayurveda or creating gem stones, these units are called as ayurvedic units of measurements. and Units defined in modern scientific diary are called as scientific units of measurements. Ayurvedic Unit Converter    provide conversion among these units.  Here are some important ayurvedic units and its equivalent in SI units. Some of the ayurvedic measuring weight units and its modern equivalent in grams Ayurvedic Units                               Equivalent Values in  Gram                        1 Ratti                                                      0.125  1 Gunja                                                    0.125  1 Masa                   
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Ayurvedic and Modern units of conversion

M easurements are required in our day to day task we measure things like weight, distance, time etc. in some parameter called as measure units. We measure time, length, weight, temperature etc. in our daily life. As measurement are important aspects of our life. It gives an estimation of many things. There are different units in this world for measuring same thing. i.e. some units are written in ayurveda which Are used by the ayurvedic doctors and are called as old or ancient ayurvedic units which are followed from ancient periods,  some are defined in scientific diary that are used by scientist for minute calculations and some are general units which we use in our daily life. These are also called as modern general measure units. Depends upon the area of use and requirement, different units are used and they also needs to be converted from one form to another as and when required. Ayurvedic Unit Converter is the converter that contain more than 100 units of co